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Interested in working for Stentor?

Become a translator,reviser or reviewer!

If you already are a translator or would like to become a translator, reviser or reviewer; if you are a native speaker or very proficient in foreign languages; and if you are a lawyer, engineer or medical practitioner by profession.

If you also have at least one of the following qualifications:

  • A recognised graduate qualification in translation from an institution of higher education
  • A recognised graduate qualification in any other field from an institution of higher education plus two years of full-time professional experience in translating
  • Five years of full-time professional experience in translation

Send us your CV in Europass format in Croatian and/or English with particular commentary on your experience as a translator and in working with translation tools. In the application heading be sure to indicate the job you are applying for (translator, reviewer, language reviser etc.), append any diplomas and certificates and a short letter of motivation and send it all to

We're looking for legal translators / revisers

We are looking for freelance associates (lawyers) for translations from French, German, Italian, Spanish and English and/or for language and specialist revision of legal texts.

Send us your CV in Europass format in Croatian with detailed information regarding your experience as a translator, a copy of your diploma(s) and confirmation/reference letters to

Take part in workshops and seminars

We organise periodic workshops and seminars for translators.

If you wish to learn more, navigate to our Services → Workshops & Seminars page or contact us at

Become a part of our team!

Contact us today and join the Stentor team!

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