The Importance of Website and Marketing Material Translation for SME Owners

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The Importance of Website and Marketing Material Translation

Clear and concise content was always essential for reaching your target audience, regardless if you are the owner of a small or medium-sized enterprise. Therefore, targeted traffic on your business website or blog can make huge changes in the success of your online business.

With the World Wide Web and carefully chosen digital marketing channels you can reach almost any potential client on the planet who might be interested in your product or service. Even people who are not interested in your products in particular can stumble across your website with ease

Internet has, in this way, truly changed the game for small and medium-sized enterprises around the globe, giving them equal opportunity to compete in the big league on the global market. But, what is the total number of potential clients that you can reach with your website if you have it translated only into English? For this reason, owners of small and medium-sized enterprises should consider translating all of their marketing materials and corporative websites into the languages of their target markets and clients.

But, as a business owner, you know how hard and time consuming it can be to effectively and efficiently translate the entire website into another language. Also, you have to keep in mind that written text is not the only content that you will be translating: there are images, video files, audio files, brochures, infographics, white papers and yes, even videos need closed captioning if they are to be featured on your website. Therefore, the translation process can be an immense task.

So, what is the right way of going about this if you are planning to launch your business onto the global market?

Why You Should Translate Your Website?

Are you uncertain about how your business will reap all the benefits of a translated website?

If you are the owner of a small or medium-sized enterprise, no matter what industry you come from, you have profound knowledge of your field of work. As a business owner that has built his/her company from the ground up, you probably had to write (or you still have to) all the content by yourself, communicate with each and every one of your clients, and constantly develop and improve your products and services. Therefore, you have a much better understanding of your clients’ desires and needs than big enterprises that hire marketing agencies in order to find out what their target market is and what their customers really want.

This makes you a “go-to” expert that is eligible to provide your services all over the world to anyone who can, or wants to use them. And translated websites are the cornerstone that will help you achieve that goal.

The Problem with Online Translation Apps and Generators

Now that you have seen how all that was holding you back from great success on the international market was the absence of your translated website and marketing materials, it is time to decide how to translate them appropriately.

We know that average business owners don’t have enough time or knowledge to translate all languages effectively.

But there is one thing that you absolutely must not rely on – and that is online translation apps, such as “Google Translate”.

Even though they can be very useful for getting around new countries and for brief interaction, they are not suitable for business websites and corporate culture. The main problem with them is that they do not take into account the context of the content, and they are based on word-for-word translation. If the terminology on your website is used incorrectly, they can also drive away valuable customers that you spent so much time trying to reach on the global market.

Lean on Stentor – Expert Translators

The Stentor translation team consists of over 200 translators specialized for various language combinations, with experience in many fields of expertise, who will offer your company expert translation services for your website and marketing materials.

Our translators are skilled and educated professionals who are continually improving their language skills and expertise and who follow the latest IT trends in the translation industry, which includes the regular training and improvement in the use of CAT word processing tools and software.

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