We offer translation and interpretation services, provided by permanent court appointed translators and interpreters, at your request. Our translations cover a wide range of source texts, including:


Specific documentation in the areas of culture, business, law, banking, finance, insurance, construction, environmental protection, waste management, the automotive and oil industry and other industries

Business documentation (registry extracts, certificates, financial reports, contracts, etc.)

Personal documents (IDs, birth and other certificates, statements, diplomas, work permits, medical reports)

Web sites, promotional materials, brochures...


Translation and interpretation services

We translate from many foreign languages, from a foreign language into Croatian and from Croatian into a foreign language, and from one foreign language into another foreign language.

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Translation and other related services

  • Non-certified translation
  • Certified translation
  • Translation of (hand-written) manuscripts
  • Translation of an audio recording with transcript
  • Language editing and proofreading
  • Formatting / text editing Layout
  • Additional copies of certified translations
  • Delivery (included in the price for translation over HRK 500)

Interpretation services

You are attending a conference or holding a meeting with a very important foreign partner, but you lack sufficient language fluency to foster a lively exchange of ideas and experiences?

Don't worry! Our experience, knowledge and loyalty will help you conduct your business negotiations smoothly and facilitate fruitful collaboration with your business partners. Our trustworthy and professional interpreters will assist you to convey your business ideas and express yourself in the best possible way in a foreign language.

In collaboration with our associates and partners we offer you:

  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Liaison interpretation
  • Chuchotage
  • Equipment rental
  • Other related services

Seminars & workshops

Send your application for our SDL Trados Studio 2014 translation tool training workshop to Courses are organised based on a sufficient number of candidates (minimum 5) and run for 5-6 classes. The training will be held at our registered office – notice will be provided in advance.

SDL Trados Studio 2014 is one of the leading software suites on the computer aided translation products market. Thanks to the ease in which translation memory is compiled and used it speeds up the translation process and improves the consistency and quality of translations while cutting costs.

Following a brief theoretical introduction, we will present the basic features and functions, and train you to work independently with Trados Studio 2014 software.

Planned course date:

We also organise topical workshops for translators and revisers at which we discuss the best solutions for translation and other linguistic dilemmas using concrete examples – this offers you the opportunity to participate in an exchange of experiences among a broad range of experts and to develop your own skills by applying the advice and guidelines of professional translators, revisers and reviewers. They are mandatory for all our associates (translators, revisers, reviewers) participating in long-term projects for clients that involve the use of handbooks, guidelines and glossaries submitted to us and applying specific translation tools.

Need a rush translation?

Need a same-day translation? Schedule packed? We offer rush translation services. Our rush service offers the speediest delivery – the upside is that, even on a rush job, you can expect translations of the highest quality. Just let us know how urgently you need your translation and we will find the right solution for you..

Rush translation service


Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Macedonian, Modern Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic script), Serbian (Latin script), Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

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