What does the translation of tender documentation entail?

A certified translation of tender documentation refers to the translation of technical documents that are necessary for participation in tenders.

Why the need to translate your tender documentation?

Translating tender documentation can be as demanding as collecting all the necessary documents.

There are two main reasons for this: translated tender documents must be submitted by a deadline, and the documentation needs to be legally valid.

In other words, tender documentation must be:

  • highly accurate and precise
  • submitted in time

so that the tender committee may take it into consideration.

What documents require certified translation?


Documents requiring certified translation when answering calls for tenders

When submitting bids in response to a call for tenders in public procurement, the participant (bidder) is required to submit the following translations:

  • certified translations of financial statements
  • certified translations of tax receipts
  • translations of audit reports
  • certified translations of bank guarantees, certified translations of certificates of no criminal conviction
  • certified translations of CVs, certificates, etc.

Technical documents requiring certified translation when submitting bids in response to a call for tenders

Furthermore, the bidder is required to submit certified translations of all technical documents which form part of his or her official bid. This includes:

  • certified translations of technical brochures
  • a translation of the business plan
  • certified translations of instruction manuals
  • certified translations of safety data sheets etc.

The role of the agency authorised to translate tender documentation

Why the timely selection of a reliable and professional agency is important for tender translation?


Who is in charge of translating tender documents?

Translation of tender documentation is done exclusively by the certified translation agency, and every translation project is overseen by a project manager who makes sure that the provided service complies with the order and/or the contract concluded with the client.

In case you need a certified translation of your tender documentation, our certified court interpreters are at your disposal.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee timely translations of tender documentation, as well as excellent quality of service in all areas.


We store all translated documents and offer additional copies of certified translations at affordable prices, per your request.

Stentor - your ideal partner for translating tender documentation

Translations of tender documents need to be extremely good and professional, which is why it is important to choose a competent translation agency which can issue certified translations of tender documentation that correspond to the stipulated requirements.

Stentor – Court Interpreters and Translators is a certified translation agency with years of experience in providing translation services for European and local institutions, ministries and courts, agencies, banks, insurance companies, consulting firms and other clients.

For many years, our agency has been successfully assisting large companies in the tender process by translating the necessary documentation, and we can offer excellent certified translations of tender documents within the shortest possible timeframe.

To achieve our purpose, we use the latest IT solutions, CAT tools, term bases and translation memories in order to reduce the amount of time it takes to translate a document and subsequently lower the costs of translation, while simultaneously increasing the quality, speed and accuracy.

Interested in the price of translation for tender documentation?

Request a quote for a certified translation of tender documentation and we will send you our offer as soon as possible.


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