What determines the pricing of a translation?

The pricing of the translation and/or review of a submitted text is determined by:

  • Language combination (source language > target language)
  • Complexity of the text
  • Formatting and/or text editing
  • Layout
  • Delivery deadline
  • Court interpreter certification of a translation
  • Additional certified copies

We recommend you request a quote based on the source text.

Minor variations are possible from the quoted cost of a translation if the text is not submitted in a form suitable for processing and editing (PDF, etc.).

Translation always includes language revision (the target text is compared to the source text) where the reviser corrects errors related to grammar and spelling, the language register and style, terminology and its compliance with the client’s instructions and the like.

The pricing of more demanding, more complex texts, and those that require editing or layout processing are subject to negotiation.

Language technology

Why we use language technology

Stentor uses the latest language technology with the objective of shortening delivery times and offering competitive pricing, while increasing translation quality.

The minimum charge is 1 page (1500 characters without spaces).

Additional services

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